We are a small group of developers. We really want our projects to stay alive and be useful to as many as possible.

So we decided to release to the open source world projects we developed for ourselves.

We are starting with a few applications: it is not because they are for free that we shouldn't care about details.

Take a look at our roadmap and stay tuned @garralab if there's something you may need

Chrome extensions

Alpha Finder Google Chrome Extensions that makes it easier to check image transparency while searching images with Google. Learn more...

Click2Clip Copy to clipboard with just one click. Keyboard shortcuts fully configurable. Copies text or html source. Learn more...

jQuery plugins

NailThumb Any image to any thumbnail, any shape, with full control, and never distorted. Learn more...

HiddenPosition Position any element to any element even if they are hidden. Learn more...

NailThumb 1.1 Released 24 May 2012

NailThumb v.1.1 released: view the download page & change log or the new live demo

Blog articles and news integrated 25 April 2012

Garralab blog articles and news are now integrated on garralab site

Garralab blog launched 11 March 2012

garralab.com blog launched
we'll post here progress on new plugin, tutorials and articles
stay tuned