Easily integrate any Blogger blog

This is just a wrapper around SimplePie to make it really easy to integrate your Blogger blog, with archive menu and category filters, simply using Blogger atom API. SimplePie does the most of the work and you'll need it and all it's pre-requisites.

It uses cache, both for simple navigation and archive, so the page won't be slow at all. That said if you a very big blog it would be better to use some of the PHP API exposed by Blogger.

If you well know your way around feeds and php you could simply use SimplePie to do this. If you don't or if you're lazy feel free to use AtomicBlogger. Keep in mind this is not really a product we aim to develope, so if you feel there's some functionality that you need and you don't want to write it yourself, it's better if you ask for it, cause the actual state of the project is fully what we'll ever need from it.

The live demo is this site. The news in home page and the article section are managed with AtomicBlogger, just filtering different categories over our blog.

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AtomicBlogger is provided AS IS under GPL-3.0

Basically this means this program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You'll find a copy of the license bundled with the plugin or you can find it online here.


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date bundle version
25 april 2012 AtomicBlogger.zip 1.0


AtomicBlogger main methods

AtomicBlogger object
Method description
AtomicBlogger($base_url,$cache_location,$cache_duration) Constructor
init() Builds feed, archive and comments objects using cache.
getComments() returns an array of AtomicBloggerComments objects, containing the comments of the item returned by getItem() method.
getArchive() returns the archive map.
getFeed() returns SimplePie feed object.
getItem() returns the first item in the feed, or the selected item if either itemId or archiveId had been set.
setItemId(String)Sets the selected item id.
setArchiveId(String)Sets the selected archive item id
setFlush_cache(boolean)Sets if the cache should be reset or not.
setBase_url(String)Sets blog url
setCategory_flter(String)Sets category filter (a string of categories separated by ,).
setArchive_cache_duration(number)Sets archive cache duration. Default 86400 (1 day).
setCache_duration(number)Sets items cache duration.
setCache_location(String)Sets file system path for cache location.
setMax_results($max_results)Sets the max items result. Default 10.
AtomicBloggerComments object
Method description
getAtom()Returns the atom source xml for this comment.
getForm()Returns url for new comments.
getTitle()Returns leave comments title.
getComments()Returns SimplePie feed containing comment items.


This is just a wrapper. Without SimplePie and Blogger APIs this would be useles