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imageresizer is a very interesting and useful tool that let's you manipulate images server-side.

You can flip or rotate your images simply adding few parameters to your images url, or you can make thumbnails of any size you want without need to resize them manually, with crop/resize to fit functions similar to our jQuery NailThumb Plugin, but server-side. But it does a lot more then that. You can apply a lot of interesting effects on your photos on the fly. In fact in our new version of NailThumb we added options to integrate easily with it.

View this live demo of imageresizer or this of the combination of imageresizer and NailThumb

These demo show only part of what it can do. See the documentation page to make an idea of how many useful tools it provides.

To install it you'll need to run on a Windows server

Posted on 24 May 2012 | 7:37 pm

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