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What we wanted was quite simple: integrate this blog in site. Possibly with archive navigation and with categories filtered.

Since Blogger doesn't offer publish over FTP anymore the suggestions we found around the web where to use WordPress or Drupal or other php frameworks to build our own blog. It's a good hint. There are many plugins around that make creating a blog a really simple task. But after discovering Bootstrap and less we really don't want to mess around with css and themes. Bootstrap provides all the elements that we need so we don't need nor a framework nor a DB, and we would like to stay on that highway.

So we began to look what APIs Blogger offered. Both REST and php APIs offered what we needed, but the simplest way was to use atom queries. You can filter categories, search comments, and using cache you can easily build an archive to navigate. What was missing was a simple to use php feed reader: SimplePie.

If you know your way around php and rss/atom that's all you need. Just be sure to use cache for the archive or you'll end up using to many requests.

If you're lazy or you wish something even simpler you can use our wrapper around SimplePie: AtomicBlogger
In about 90 lines of html/php code you'll have a fully navigable blog with recents and archive navigation.

Posted on 25 April 2012 | 9:00 pm

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