CSS and styling known issues

The file jquery.nailthumb.css in the bundle provides both decoration and basic style attributes for the correct functioning of the plugin. This stylesheet obviously refer to the classes the plugin uses. If you change them via options you'll have to change the stylesheet accordingly, or you could use the less mixins also provided in the bundle.

There are few known interaction issues with other css

Image width in css reset

Some css reset set image max-width to 100%. This will not make the plugin work correctly. The CSS and less mixins provided already solve the issue, but keep it in mind in case you decide to rewrite your own stylesheet

Container text-align

If the container has a text-align center or right applied the positioning of the thumbnail will be wrong. If you ever see a thumbnail positioned too much to the right it's almost certanly this case. Again both css and less mixins try to prevent this applying text-align:left to the container, but there can always be a rule with higher priority that overwrites it.