Less mixins

If you use less in your project you'll certainly prefer not to use the css bundled with NailThumb, but you'll like the usefull thumbnail mixin provided in jquery.nailthumb.less file. Include it in your less imports and just call .thumbnail(@width: 110px, @height: 110px, @margin: 0px) on your container.

If you don't know what less is, visit lesscss.org and most of all Bootstrap from Twitter. If you ever found working with css dull and painfull you will love it and never work without ever after. To provide a tiny example of less potential, if you'd want to write your own classes for NailThumb in less you'll just have to write this line.

If you already use Bootstrap working directly with less and have some problems compiling it, stay tooned with this site. We had to develop a simple application for this site to compile bootstrap .less files cause we had some problem finding a working solution for every OS we need to use. We actually use it from Ant, but as soon as the GUI is mature enough we will share it here.