NailThumb Plugin public functions.

Function description
$.fn.nailthumb.doThumb(image,container,options)Utility function if you need to call the thumbnailing process manually. Make sure the image is already loaded and provide both image and container in jQuery objectsusage
$.fn.nailthumb.toggleDebug()Activates/deactivates debug mode. When debug is on it will generate a lot of logging in your console. Concentrate on a single thumbnail that is causing trouble and toggle debug both in onStart and onFinish custom functions, so you won't have to lose time trying to find the logs that you need. Don't leave debug on in your final result because it can cause visible performance issues if you have a lot of imagesusage
$.fn.nailthumb.setServerSideParams(image,container,options)Method that sets the image src for imageresizing params. This method is public so that you can overwrite it if you use another server side tool for image manipolation (if this is the case, please let us know so we can add support for it).
$.fn.nailthumb.evalServerSideParams(image,container,options)Method that returns the correct param string for imageresizing params. This is the function that actually provide correct dimensions from CSS if no width/height is explicitly set. Overwrite this if you need to handle some params differently.