This plugin didn't have any contributor yet, but I feel it's important to thank all the people who provided open source software that made possible this project and this site

jQuery - If you are here you probably already know how it can change your working life
Bootstrap from Twitter - Without which working on this site would have been really painfull. It should have been an industrial secret, and instead is shared open source. This is wonderfull world
Less - I will never work without it
Metadata - The only jQuery plugin I include in any project even if I don't need to use it
Google Code Prettify - Best and simpliest way to style your code examples, even Bootstrap people didn't feel the need to enhance it
Shadowbox and YoxView - Both very good javascript library for media galleries. Here used only for the live demo, but one of the main aim of this plugin is to integrate with them in the best and easiest way possible
Image Preload and ShowLoading jQuery plugins - Usefull and lightweight jQuery plugins to solve some recurring development problems, here used only in the examples considering the possible interactions of NailThumb with them
Nathanael from imageresizing - Very powerful tool for image manipolation server-side
worfoual for the help testing NailThumb on various browsers and OS