NailThumb 1.1 Released 24 May 2012
NailThumb v.1.1 released: view the download page & change log or the new live demo

from this


to this

title from alt attribute

or more...

any size and shape

three methods, no distortion

any animation you can imagine

control over crop and resize direction

overlapping thumbnail title of any length

Never resize a thumbnail again

one line of code for creating thumbnails from high-res images

no distortion

decide thumbnail dimensions directly from CSS

experience how useful it is in dynamic web applications, where you can face any shape or size.

What it's useful for?

Basically any media gallery

But imagine you want to use avatars in your web applications: with this plugin you can avoid to develop a functionality that enable your user to load avatars of the right height and width, and still you'll be able to present them nicely in the size/sizes your layout need. Most of all you'll be able to change those sizes whenever you want without the need for your users to upload a new one, or even manage different sizes/ratio for different layouts with no drawbacks on the avatar chosen.

Take a look at the avatar demo

What this is not?

This plugin won't help you deliver very big high-res images more easily. If you have very big images and wish to have lower size thumbnails you'll still have to batch resize them before hand. There is no way this can be done client side via javascript.

However with this plugin you'll just have to resize them to a more bandwidth friendly dimension, you won't need to crop/resize them to any particular aspect ratio, and most of all you'll be able to change that shape via css whenever you want afterwards.