Chrome extensions
AlphaFinder released v.0.4 on 10 march 2012
Click2Clip released v.1.1 on 18 march 2012
jQuery plugins
NailThumb released v.1.0 on 10 march 2012
HiddenPosition released v.1.0 on 18 march 2012
Contains A plugin based on Brandon Aaron great work overlaps but expanded and with added useful features.
FilterAny An highly configurable plugin to filter any list, with options to work both on page content and over server via Ajax.
FormWatch A simple plugin to watch a form and understand if anything changes. There are a few plugins out there for this purpose but they all lack in some aspects for control or browser compatibility.
Java RichUI Desktop Applications
PlugEngine A lightweight and easy to use framework to fast develop new Java Swing applications in small steps and always fully extendable
BeanTable A Swing Table component that can create a table for you with the only input of a Bean or a record set from DB, with full control over pagination, order, filtering and rendering
LessCompiler A simple interface to compile your less files. Command line interface is already fully working and used from Ant to build this site stylesheets
SynClear An application to manage sync and backup tasks easilly and fully automatable, with full management over history backups and visual browse of previous versions. Also a very useful function is the duplicates finder.